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Timbrel Chyatee

2023 Fellow

Owner/Founder, CHYATEE

Lancaster, United States

Timbrel Chyatee leads CHYATEE, a sustainable fashion brand committed to uplifting artisans in India, fostering their growth, and preserving their art and cultural heritage. As the driving force behind CHYATEE, Timbrel’s mission revolves around empowering these artisans to flourish while ensuring the preservation of their rich history.

Timbrel’s extensive professional background reflects her dedication to social enterprise and women’s advocacy in India. With a remarkable track record, she has served as a board member of her local chamber of commerce and contributed significantly to various non-profit organizations. Her multifaceted leadership experiences align with her passion for fostering socio-economic progress in India and beyond.

Timbrel’s contributions have earned her notable recognition, including the honor of being a TEDx Speaker. Her volunteering efforts in India, combined with her broader socio-economic work, underscore her commitment to effecting positive change in communities. Timbrel’s dedication, leadership, and extensive expertise in sustainable fashion and socio-economic development have solidified her position as a respected advocate for artisans and women in India.