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Thoko Chimasula

2023 Fellow

Founder and CEO, Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures

Thoko Chimasula

Thokozani Amanda Chimasula is the founder of Tac-Maz Sustainable Ventures, an organization that aims to provide communities with a variety of high-quality, nutritious, and affordable products to achieve excellent health and sustainable living while empowering women to be part of the production systems. To date, the enterprise has supported 120 women farmers with skills in sustainable agriculture and access to farm inputs and profitable markets. Tac-Maz is committed to the achievement of UN SDG 5, Gender Equality, by supporting women farmers to be sustainable producers; UN SDG 13, Climate Action, by adopting mechanisms geared towards conserving the environment; and UN SDG 8, Decent Employment and Economic Growth, by providing job opportunities to young people. Thokozani has worked in the development sector for over 13 years and has also worked as a Child Protection Manager with Theatre for a Change, National Equality Coordinator with United Purpose, and as a Programs Manager with the Centre for Alternatives for Victimized Women and Children. She is best known for supporting gender programs and the development of manuals that have been replicated in other organizations across Malawi. Thokozani believes hard work, consistency, determination, resilience, and commitment are the building blocks to building a strong personality. She holds a BA in Humanities and is expected to graduate with an MBA in May 2023 and a MATCD by 2024.

What Thoko can offer other fellows:

Having built her professional acumen in gender development programs, she can support her peers in the following ways: developing gender transformative approaches that they can use to influence inclusion activities in their social enterprises, program development, and report writing.

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