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Nancy Edith Alarcón Moreno

2017 Fellow

CEO and Legal Representative, Tamar Corporation


Nancy Alarcón is the CEO and Legal Representative of Corporación Tamar, an organization that advocates for gender equality and the reduction of violence against women and human trafficking, with special focus on the elimination of the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers. In alliance with other organizations and with the guidance of Ms. Alarcón, Corporación Tamar was able to achieve the unenforceability of the denounce requirement of the victims of trafficking in persons to receive assistance. The Constitutional Court made the judgment on the grounds that the requirement constituted an infringement of the victim’s rights.

Ms. Alarcón coordinates the Cundinamarca Branch of the Colombia Chapter in the Latin American Observatory about Trafficking in Persons. Nancy is an Attorney, has a master of arts in human rights, and has 10 years of experience working with non-governmental organizations. Over the last six years, she has been coordinating different projects to prevent trafficking in persons and sexual exploitation. Ms. Alarcón has been selected to participate in different congresses and seminaries throughout Latin America related to trafficking in persons.