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Theresa Nkemawung Morfaw Fonjia

2017 Fellow

Group Delegate, Youth for Change and Empowerment


Theresa Morfaw, a storyteller and youth/women’s rights activist, currently runs the youth-led organization Youth for Change and Empowerment, which defends the rights of minority youth. Ms. Morfaw has launched a story telling campaign using her own story and the stories of victims/survivors of rape and sex trafficking in order to break the chain of silence and raise awareness of these prevalent crimes. She has over 10 years of experience addressing women’s and youth rights, especially around the issues of sexual and reproductive health, rape, and sex trafficking. Through Youth for Change, she has created a comprehensive center that offers sexual health services and psychosocial services to rape victims, teenage pregnant girls and sex trafficking victims. She has partnered with Poultvault Inc, to give victims access to sexual health services using the barter system.

Ms. Morfaw hosts a call-in radio program and invites experts to discuss topical sexual health issues. This radio program serves as an advocacy strategy for policy reforms both at customary and legislative levels. Her endeavors have won her various awards, including President Barrack Obama’s Young African Leaders Award (Mandela Washington Fellowship), Queen Elizabeth Young Leaders Award, MOREMI Award for extraordinary young African women Leaders, and the CAAGWEESA Youth of the Year Award.