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Tarenia Carthan

2023 Fellow

COO, Angels N Technology LLC

Tarenia Carthan Resized
United States of America

Tarenia Carthan is the Co-Founder of Angels N Tech and a County Commissioner. As the mother of four daughters who are all a part of the STEAM fields, she is committed to advancing opportunities to other young girls to increase the numbers of minorities entering STEAM fields. The goal of Angels N Tech is to ensure that low income and low exposure are not the reasons why minority girls don’t seek careers in the STEAM fields. They believe that if you “See IT, You Can Be IT”.  

Having served in the healthcare and technology sectors for over 20 years, experience has shown Tarenia that women are needed on the technical side of care. However, this is just one crucial area where increases are critical to ensure that best practices, technical advances, research, and design elements are developed. The truth is that women are needed in all STEAM fields to make it better for our society as a whole. In order to make that happen Tarenia believes we must reach young girls to show them the possibilities and how they can be a part of the STEAM community.  

In order to bolster their efforts of increasing girls entering into STEAM related careers, they encourage technologists, developers, coders, researchers, teachers, corporations and startup companies to push the envelope and help them to train, expose and mentor young girls. Through speaker series, camps, lab activities, and 1-on-1 mentorships with girls and their caregivers, they help change the landscape of the next generation of women within STEAM careers. Angels N Tech believes we all benefit when partnerships and targeted efforts collide for the greater good of our society.


What Tarenia can offer other fellows: 

Tarenia can support other participants with policy framework and advocacy. She can also support others with writing and messaging around advocacy. 



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