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Tanya Walker

2018 Fellow

Lawyer and Owner Walker Law Professional Corporation

Tanya (5)

Tanya is the Owner and Lawyer for Walker Law Professional Corporation, a Canadian company that provides commercial litigation services. Walker law provides litigation services, which includes mediation, arbitration, settlement meetings, trial work, motions, strategic meetings and cross-examinations (depositions). Tanya’s vision for the company is to grow their portfolio of clients and continue to grow. When they opened seven years ago, they began with one lawyer and a part time assistant. Now they have grown to six employees in total who are Wall Street trained (referred to as Bay Street in Toronto. Walker Law is very customer focused and approach their client’s matters as if they were their own personal files, while also offering lower overhead costs to keep their services competitive. Tanya’s areas of expertise include marketing, business management and the law. She holds an Honors Commerce degree with a minor in Economics from McMaster University, as well as a Law Degree from the Osgoode Hall at York University. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the state bar (law society) and is the first black female director elected in the 220 year history of the law society.

What Tanya hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Tanya hopes to learn how to grow her business while effectively managing that growth and retaining employees.

What Tanya can offer other fellows: Tanya can share her expertise in law since many laws are the same across many countries. She can also offer her knowledge and skills in human resources, negotiation, marketing, business development and increasing confidence.

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Tanya was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.