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Tania Kottoor

2023 Fellow

Founder and CEO, WESTxEAST

Tania Kottoor
United States of America

Tania Kottoor is a first-generation Indian-American, who is a creative visionary and the design-forward Founder and CEO of WESTxEAST, a purpose-driven brand. With WESTxEAST, Tania has effectively married tradition with innovation. The venture-backed startup is the world’s first AI-powered design platform for custom-fit cultural clothing and she has truly re-imagined the process of shopping for weddings and special events. WESTxEAST has produced over 1,500 custom and made-to-measure garments, allowing the next generation to celebrate momentous occasions. Tania’s mission to facilitate an end-to-end frictionless experience has garnered the attention of BRIDES, Brides Today India and Over the Moon by Vogue. Tania received her undergraduate double degree in business at Saint Louis University and then attended the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design where she was selected as one of the next leaders of luxury fashion. Afterward, Tania helped build a designer label from the ground up; today the label is carried at Bergdorf Goodman. Additionally, in 2020, Tania conceptualized, designed, and produced 75 custom outfits in Antigua, Guatemala for an award-winning wedding. She has participated in multiple accelerator programs and fellowships. In 2022, Tania won over $100K worth of grant money from pitch competitions. Tania’s mission is to preserve cultural heritage through clothing. She looks forward to continuing to build meaningful experiences and rethink possibilities.

What Tania can offer other fellows:

Tania strongly believes in peer mentorship. She has won several pitch competitions and immersed herself in the startup ecosystem in New York. She can provide coaching for founders who’re participating in pitch competitions. She can also share a list and make an intro to organizations, fellowships, and accelerator programs that support women and BIPOC founders.

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