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Tahira Afridi

2023 Fellow

Founder/CEO, Artisan Links

Peshawar, Pakistan

Founded by Tahira Afridi, Artisan Links is a socially responsible fair trade business featuring products that contribute to a sustainable future. Their mission is to empower women artists by establishing a sustainable, successful, and responsible business. Artisan Links is a specialized production house providing high-quality, bespoke, hand-embroidered designs to fulfill their customer’s creative requirements.

Tahira has dedicated her career to empowering women artisans by providing training, product development and market access. Artisan Links’s success is due to Tahira and her team’s collaborations with international and local designers, combining local art and embroidery with modern concepts to appeal to global markets. As the only guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), each Artisan Links product is beautifully handcrafted by a team of women-only artisans, comprised of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Artisan Links’s work ethic and role in empowering women and providing them with income-generating activities has been recognized by WFTO, MADE51/UNHCR, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Peshawar, Pakistan.