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Syeda Parwan Fatima

2024 Fellow

IMG 20231210 WA0004.jpg

Focus Areas

Economic Empowerment
Fashion & Beauty
Social Entrepreneurship
STEM & Innovation

Syeda Parwan Fatima aims to improve telehealth infrastructure in Pakistan through an initiative she founded called Medifem. Fatima works to enhance access to healthcare services for underserved communities by leveraging technology to provide efficient, reliable, and accessible healthcare solutions for women and children in remote areas.

In her previous role as an intern at HP Tech Ventures, Fatima gained valuable experience in the venture capital space, focusing on identifying and nurturing high-potential startups. Her leadership experience includes supporting strategic projects, conducting market analysis, and contributing to investment decisions that drive innovation and growth.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to inspire and empower others, drive innovative solutions to complex challenges, and foster a culture of collaboration and inclusivity to create meaningful and sustainable impact.”