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Susana Muhamad

2019 Fellow

Promoter, Activist and Coordinator; Colombia Humana and Se Acaba El Tiempo

Corporate and Commercial Photography by Randall Photography 1-602-788-0885.

Susana is an environmental and climate activist. As the Former Director for Climate Action Planning for Latin America in C40, Susana worked with local governments to develop climate action plans according to the Paris Agreement. Susana was also the Secretary of Environment for Bogotá and has experience with grassroots communities and the private sector in sustainability.

Susana is currently running for local council in Bogotá and working on a climate change activism platform. She holds a degree in Political Science from Los Andes University in Bogotá and a Masters’ Degree in Sustainable Development Management and Planning from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

She was selected as a Fellow for the 2019-2020 VV Engage Cohort.