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Stella Lukwago

2023 Fellow

Founder, Ouroots Africa

Stella Lukwago

Stella Nakawuki Lukwago is the founder of Ouroots Africa, a social innovation organization that partners with rural women farmers to grow plant-based sustainable alternatives to single-use products. Ouroots Africa employs local artisans to uniquely hand craft every product, selling them to customers in Uganda, the United States, and other countries. Ouroots Africa grows sustainable products for daily use and creates employment opportunities for rural women and girls to give back to their families and improve their communities. Every year, Stella works with over 500 rural women and girls in social innovation, digital literacy, and sustainable agriculture.

What Stella can offer other fellows:

Stella can share her experience as a social innovation consultant, consulting different international organizations. In this role, she facilitates, coaches, and trains women and men on how to create social innovations that benefit themselves as individuals, their communities, and the environment. Through her consultancy, she has worked with over 500 women every year since 2020 in different districts of Uganda.

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