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Sowmya Reddy

2024 Fellow

Politician - Indian National Congress

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In the heart of Bengaluru, in the vibrant South India, Sowmya Reddy represents a new era of reform and forward-thinking combined with culture and tradition. Sowmya’s journey wasn’t just about gathering knowledge, but about making a real difference. All through her student days, she worked in community service, nurturing nature and all its creatures. From the classrooms of New York while getting her masters degree in environmental technology to the bustling streets of Bangalore, her resolve to empower and uplift grew stronger, a rare combination of intellect and empathy.

Long before Sowmya stepped into the political arena, she tirelessly worked to bridge the gap between education and employment, advocate for women’s empowerment, and champion environmental causes. She collaborated with climate activists in Bengaluru and developed an innovative method for converting wet waste into biogas and organic fertilizer. This sustainable development model helped them win the Better Together Award in Germany and the Adarsh Vidhayak Award (best legislator). She not only understands the pulse of her constituents but also transformed their health care, gender justice, providing jobs & skill development to thousands of youth and women, education and environment sustainably through her dedicated service as an MLA.

From upgrading the government schools to government hospitals to providing essential aid during the Karnataka & Kerala Floods and Covid-19 crises. Her tenure was marked by impactful changes. Sowmya solved with her head and led with her heart, a unique leadership trait. She recently contested the parliamentary elections and continues to work for people, animals and environment of the country at the grassroots level. Sowmya’s vision for a sustainable and inclusive future remains unwavering.