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Soumya Dabriwal

2022 Fellow

Founder of Project Baala

soumya dabriwal

Soumya Dabriwal, an economics graduate from the University of Warwick began her volunteering work at a very early age. She has extensive experience in the development sector and has worked on various projects in Ghana, South Africa and Haryana, India. During her stay in Ghana, she observed that girls skipped school 3- 4 days/month during their periods and often used material that was highly detrimental to their health. The fact that this wasn’t limited to that community but is a global phenomenon gave birth to Project Baala. A Social Enterprise, Project Baala delivers innovative menstrual hygiene solutions, and since 2017, Baala has provided 1.2 million reusable pads, conducted 4000+ awareness workshops for 420,000 women and girls across 4 countries and 25 states of India. Soumya envisions a world where awareness and access is available to all, where menstruation may be managed with dignity. She is an Acumen Fellow 2021, World Bank Youth Summit Finalist 2021, Global Good Fellow 2021, Swedish Institute Gender Advocate 2020, Winner Stephen Lloyd Award and a TEDx Speaker.