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Sophie Ngassa

2023 Fellow

Director and CEO, AfricSpark

Sophie Ngassa

Sophie Ngassa is a social entrepreneur and the director and CEO of AfricSpark, a company that produces sanitary items for women and girls with the goal of making all women feel dignified. As founder of AfricSpark, Sophie champions the production of sanitary and toiletry bags, dresses and accessories for women. They produce affordable sanitary products and toiletries to promote good hygiene management for girls and young women in order to build their confidence. Sophie is a strong advocate for SDG 3, Good Health and Well-being; SDG 5, Gender Equality; and SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, which earned her the prestigious honor of being a presenter at the African Diaspora Conference and the East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC) Conference in 2019 in Texas, USA. She is embarking on a mission to build confidence in young women to inspire them to take action, create impact and lead social change that in turn can create a ripple effect across Africa. Her mission comes from her heart, as she truly wants to help others to lead change in their community and live their best lives. She is a passionate multi-talented STEM advocate for girls, digital rights activist, trained teacher and coach and has a background in civil engineering with more than 10 years of experience. Sophie understands the importance technology plays in the evolution of branding and building relationships and the need to turn the corner fast in digital entrepreneurship for women. 


What Sophie can offer other fellows: 

Sophie can share her knowledge of building supportive communities online and help other fellows identify their unique passion. 


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