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Sohini Chakraborty

2017 Fellow


“I feel that any creative expression, not only dance, can bring big change. If you look at history, creativity is really, really powerful. It can change society’s attitude. It’s a tool for recovery, healing, self-expression and reintegration.”

Sohini Chakraborty is a dancer and sociologist who helps trafficking survivors heal from trauma. She uses an alternative approach – dance movement therapy – to rehabilitate and reintegrate young women in Calcutta. Sohini was volunteering at a women’s shelter when it occurred to her that dance could be a powerful vehicle for recovery.

Through movement, women reclaim their bodies and the freedom to express themselves, says Sohini. Her organization, Kolkata Sanved, not only helps survivors heal but works with the local community to prevent trafficking by educating at-risk girls and rural families. Many survivors who have gone through Sohini’s therapy have decided to become dance therapy trainers and help Sohini spread her practice.