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Sohila Bibi

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

United Kingdom

Focus Areas

Mentoring & Leadership

Sohila Bibi is the founder of Elevate Her Coaching, an initiative to support girls and women to become confident, authentic leaders in their careers. It specifically focuses on the career advancement of South Asian women working in corporate, and supports them to achieve their career goals, despite the stereotypes and biases faced by them both at work and at home.

Bibi is currently putting together a programme that will take participants on a journey from which they can evolve as future leaders, be confident and know how to position themselves for their dream job or career. Bibi holds a bachelor’s degree in computing information systems for business as well as a law degree and extensive experience working in the public sector in the UK.

“As a visionary leader, I want to help that little girl who has now become a woman to believe she can achieve her dreams, despite the naysayers, and break the glass ceiling in her career as a South Asian professional.”