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Sofiya Deva

2023 Fellow

Founder/CEO, The Postcard Edit

Miami, United States

Sofiya Deva is the founder of The Postcard Edit, which she describes as Farfetch with an ESG angle.

The Postcard Edit began in 2019 as a fashion brand called This Same Sky, with a mission to create a path to market for handicraft workers. While the brand was initially involved in design and production, Sofiya decided to rethink the model. On her travels, she met amazing designer after designer who, driven by a love of artistry and their local communities, were translating traditional techniques by hiring makers and stretching the limits of representation in the mainstream.

She realized that by creating a platform for these designers — women, designers of color, and voices from the ethnic diaspora — she would not only be able to fulfill her original mission but strive towards decolonizing design and partnering in cooperative, rather than purely competitive ways to drive social change.

Thus, The Postcard Edit was born. The first curated collection hails from the capital of Sri Lanka and is a mix of resort wear and breezy urban essentials featuring batik, brass and silk. The featured designers are sustainable and employ local women and rural artisans.