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Sofia Castillo

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

Maria Sofia Castillo_pic (1)

Sofía is an innovator and entrepreneur. She graduated as a Systems Innovator from Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. She is also certified as a Scrum Master and AI Product Manager. Sofía is committed to contributing to the development of the Central American region, which is why she founded, a technological talent accelerator.  

Sofía has been recognized for her work by Forbes, INCAE, and Win magazine. She is a member of Draper University, Latitud and Sigma Squared Fellows. Before jumping into the startup world, Sofía worked on innovation and learning augmentation at Draper University, Procter & Gamble, Pantaleón, Spectrum, and others. Sofía likes to think about love and intentionality in everything she does.