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Sintia Lisboa

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

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Focus Areas

Climate Action
Economic Empowerment
Mentoring & Leadership

Sintia Lisboa is the CEO and founder of 3 Elementus, a company dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for the environment. Leading an industrial plant that produces a highly effective chemical agent to reduce pollution in the automotive sector, Lisboa understands the power of collaboration in addressing environmental challenges and creating a better world. She builds an industrialization hub that fosters innovation and drives the development of cutting-edge sustainable products using Amazonian resources and technologies.

With 14 years of experience in Brazil’s industrial and environmental sectors, including renowned companies like Petrobras and Coca-Cola, Lisboa brings a diverse background to her leadership role. She holds a master’s degree in chemical process engineering, specializing in credit carbon projects and environmental management.

“As a visionary leader, I am dedicated to achieving a harmonious balance between human action and nature, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.”