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Sindhu Holla

2023 Fellow

Founder, Fifth Origins

Amstelveen, Netherlands

Fifth Origins stands as a pioneering sustainable lifestyle brand, seamlessly weaving together style, sustainability, and social impact. Central to the organization’s mission is the creation of the world’s first, unequivocally transparent claim verification platform, empowering consumers with accurate insights during their purchase journey.

With a track record of being at the helm of two sustainable enterprises, Sindhu Holla, the driving force behind Fifth Origins, has fostered a revenue surpassing three million dollars (across two companies) and has fostered meaningful connections with over 15,000 patrons spanning 200 cities.

Yet, amidst these accomplishments, Sindhu’s most cherished achievement rests in her profound influence upon the lives of over 2,000 artisans, scattered across India’s vast expanse. Through her unwavering dedication, she has catalyzed positive change by nourishing the livelihoods of artisans and echoing a lasting impact on communities of buyers and artisans by connecting them.