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Simran Santani

2018 Fellow

Senior Partner, Xcel Accounting,

Simran (6)
United Arab Emirates

Simran is the Senior Partner of Xcel Accounting, a 14-year UAE based boutique accounting firm of Chartered & Certified Public Accountants. Xcel Accounting helps businesses go beyond their 5th year of operation through providing accounting outsourcing, part time CFO and tax consulting services. The firm was created to provide tailored support as a trusted business partner in the development and management of the accounting function for small and medium sized businesses. They help business owners build an accounting, financial infrastructure and incorporate business strategies that improve their effectiveness and efficiency. As part of their Outsources Accounting services they process financial data, finalize books of accounts and create records consistent with GAAP Principles so that while Xcel Accounting handles the backoffice functions the client can focus on growing their business. The end deliverable for their clients is a comprehensive Management Report summarizing financial performance and critical business indicators. For the part-time CFO service they work with SME’s to develop and support effective and efficient financial operations that encompass both detail current operational issues and strategic planning concerns for CEO and Executive Management. Xcel Accounting is also conducting VAT Awareness workshops to help SMEs understand the new VAT regulations in UAE and will provide complete support beginning in early 2018. The focus and unique selling proposition of the company can be summarized as “QOTATT” – “Quality On Time All The Time”. Simran has also been the Head of Telemarketing for Citibank UAE for 9 years and the Regional Director Consultant for BNI for 4.5 years. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, marketing and accounting for non-accountants. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Masters of Management Studies and is a Certified Value Builder Coach. Simran is also a Certified NLP and Master NLP Practitioner, she is also a Certified Referral Institute Trainer.

What Simran hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Simran hopes to strengthen her knowledge and skills in digital marketing, managing staff and retaining staff.

What Simran can offer other fellows:

Simran can share her expertise in accounting for non-accounting entrepreneurs, strategic planning and networking.

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Simran was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.