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Shodigul Mamadyorbekova

2021 Fellow

Founder and Managing Director, Pamir Trading Company

Khorog, Tajikistan

Shodigul is the Founder and Managing Director of two food security focused companies, the Pamir Trading Company and the Products of the Pamirs Co. Shodigul has built the first and so far, the only cold storage facility in the Pamir Region of Tajikistan, which is an isolated mountain region. Before Pamir Trading Company, mountain communities in this region were previously unable to afford fruits and vegetables during the off-season or properly store them. Pamir Trading Company offers products and services to ameliorate these difficulties by buying produce when it is in season, storing it properly, and selling their products at affordable prices during the offseason. The company’s products and services help to ensure that people in the region are able to eat nutritious food all year-long. Shodigul holds a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from Northern Arizona University and Bachelor of Arts in History and Law from Khorog State University. Shodigul has over 15 years’ experience working with various national and international organization in Tajikistan, Switzerland, and the United States. In addition to all that Shodigul is the member of the WORLD WOMEN International Successful Women Club and a member of the Tajikistan Successful Women Club. Her expertise is in disaster risk management, food security, and agribusiness.

What Shodigul hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Shodigul is looking forward to growing her business management skills as well as connecting to a range of professionals and expanding her network.

What Shodigul can offer other fellows:

Shodigul can offer her expertise on food security and the agricultural sector in Central Asia and Afghanistan, a climate change related risk assessment for other fellows’ businesses and brainstorming on mitigation and adaptation measures for avoiding business disturbances and closures. She is also happy to help facilitate connections for other fellows who may be interested in expanding their businesses into Central Asia.

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