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Shah Gul Rezaie

2023 Fellow

Women and Human Rights Activist


Shah Gul Rezaie is a Human Rights Activist with 16 years of legislative experience in the Afghanistan parliament (2005- 2021). She served as a member and deputy head of the Commission on Women’s Affairs, Civil Society, and Human Rights, member and chairperson of the Central Audit and Law Enforcement Oversight Commission, and member of the International Relations Commission in the House of Representatives of Afghanistan. Additionally, she has been active in various programs, particularly litigation for human rights and equality, including membership in the Parliamentary Caucus, fighting against Corruption, and in a Parliamentary Group called Voice of Justice, focusing on social justice and equal rights of citizens. She is a well-known face in Afghanistan’s media. She was a member of the official delegation attending the Bonn II Conference in 2011 and one of the participants of the two-day Doha-Qatar Intra-Afghan Dialogue in 2019, the Oslo Forum, and the Oslo Intra-Afghan Dialogue in 2022. After the takeover of the Taliban in 2021, she continued as an activist from exile and participated in various conferences regarding the current situation in Afghanistan. She is a member of several networks and women’s coalitions advocating for human rights and raising the voice of Afghan women and girls in the current difficult circumstances. Fighting for justice and equality is the main motivation behind her social activities and the decision to participate in politics. Ms. Rezaie started the struggle for change at the village level and continued up to parliament. She believes that no decision about Afghanistan should be made in the absence of women of Afghanistan.