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Sarika Bhattacharyya

2017 Fellow

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“I wanted to have a forum by women, for women in India. I think we often feel alone because we think our challenges are unique. I wanted women to see that they can find solutions and connect with others – to know that they can pursue anything and be excellent in their lives. I want them to know that they can benefit so much from each other.”

Sarika Bhattacharyya is one of India’s leading voices when it comes to gender inclusion. She runs BD Foundation, Global Think Tank that advises some of the country’s largest corporations. She also works on Board Diversity agenda through her initiative Women on Boards. Her annual conference, I-INSPIRE, connects organisations, communities & leaders to promote new strategies to advance women’s business leadership & inclusive growth. Through her company, Sarika publishes much-needed research on the benefits of inclusiveness in the workplace.