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Sarah Nakintu

2024 Fellow

Chairperson - The Interparty Women Platform/ Vice President of ANT Women League (Political Party)

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Sarah Nakintu is the current chairperson of the Inter-party Women Platform (IWOP) that comprise of political parties Women leagues with a Vision, an empowered interparty women leaders’ platform where women influence politics for inclusive and sustainable national development and a mission to build an effective inter-party women leaders’ platform to influence the political culture and politics for a harmonious, just and holistic wellbeing of society. Sarah is also the Vice chairperson of the alliance for National Transportation, a political with value based leaders that have transformed the country in multiple dimension. She is also the Vice president of the Sub-Saharan Jewish Alliance handling the Political desk as well and has influenced many women to join politics in 15 countries as well as assuming positions in 15 member countries.

Through her leadership in IWOP she led the members to writing various position papers and presenting them to stakeholders like the Electoral Commission on Violence Against Women in Politics and the Minister for Justice and Constitution Affair on Constitution Reforms, Police, and Parliament. She has engaged in electoral reforms and contributed to various research papers with Women situation room, and International republican institute Sensitize Uganda among other.

Sarah has engaged various development partners who have effectively built the capacity of women in peacebuilding and advocacy among others. She has advocated for trainings for women leaders both internationally and locally through sharing opportunities and also soliciting for funding for their travel. Sarah greatly loves being part of the change and is motivated by bringing a smile to people’s faces. She greatly believes that there is nothing for us without us.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian Unity and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy.