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Sarah Koski

2022 Fellow


Sarah Koski sarah_koski_headshot
United States

Sarah Koski is an advocate for the equitable treatment of homeless individuals seeking rehabilitation, housing, employment, and care. She works as an active case manager for unhoused communities in the state of Oregon, specializing in de-escalation and a trauma-informed response. Koski is integral in developing case plans, training content, and job coaching for one of the lowest barrier shelters in the state, while also working with teams and organizations coordinating outreach and support of street-based communities.

Koski received her bachelors in political science from the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon and found her passion for humanitarian activism through her work with the American Red Cross. She displayed true leadership as chair of the Lane County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) during one of Oregon’s most devastating wildfires that dislocated thousands. Her experience as a disaster relief strategist paved the way for her to be appointed to two separate gubernatorial task forces on economic reform, reigniting her interest in legislative action.

Her notable work on non-profit philanthropy was highlighted by the UN University of Peace. She is a member of her local Human Rights Commission Poverty and Homeless Task Force, as well as the National Coalition for the Homeless’ Congressional & Legislative Action team.

”I want to be a visionary leader who shifts the perspectives of homelessness and the unhoused for good. I aim to develop new means of storytelling and to redirect narrative structures to advocate for vulnerable populations at home and abroad.”