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Sandra Ejang

2021 Fellow

CEO, Western Silk Road, Ltd.

Kigumba, Uganda

Sandra Ejang is the CEO of Western Silk Road, a company that helps rural households boost their income through beekeeping. Western Silk Road offers technical beekeeping advisory, consultancy services, and beekeeping equipment to individuals who would otherwise be left out of agribusiness due to a lack of capital. Sandra takes a household approach to creating the beekeeping value chain in order to empower rural household farmers and still produce quality food and beauty products. Western Silk Road’s services provide a boost in income for these individuals and groups while also creating a line of honey and beeswax-based products for their own retail business. They are dedicated to promoting food security, economic empowerment, environmental conservation, and social transformation through the practice of beekeeping. Western Silk Road aims to be a company focused on fostering strong and enduring mutually beneficial relationships with the people and the communities they work with. Sandra has a Bachelors in Telecommunications Engineering and is a member of the Community Women’s Enterprise Network (CWEN) and the African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF). She is a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship alumna, a 2018 Arican Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) participant, and a 2019 DFCU Bank Rising Women. She was also recognized as the Women in Africa 54 Project Laureate for Uganda in 2020. Sandra hopes to inspire women like herself who are in male-dominated fields, and hopes to be a role model for other women social entrepreneurs.

What Sandra hopes to gain through the VV GROW Fellowship:

Sandra hopes to improve her business skills and become a better advocate for women in business. Above all, Sandra wants to become a role model for women who are afraid to start their business.

What Sandra can offer other fellows:

Sandra can offer her knowledge and experience working with working with rural households and agribusiness.

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