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Sally Hassona

2023 Fellow

Founder, Impact Sports Academy

Sally Hassona

Coach Sally Hassona is a Physical Education teacher and Female Boxing Coach who has worked through the years to empower underserved Egyptian girls after school by focusing on impacted communities of early marriage and gender-based sexual and physical violence by allowing them to practice male-dominated sports, thus closing the gender and socio/economic gaps. The academy has successfully increased the number of girls participating in amateur boxing registered with the Egyptian boxing federation, and increased girls with sports titles, ultimately shifting the cultural mindset. Sally has appeared numerous times in Egyptian Media and is a 2019 speaker for the Australian Ambassador’s International Women’s Day. Sally was appointed as women’s coach by the Egyptian Military Club in 2019 where girls achieved mixed medals in different weight and age categories in local & National Titles, and twice appointed by the President of Egypt’s boxing federation as Women’s National Team international camp coach. Sally holds a degree in Health and Physical Education from the University of Sydney.

What Sally can offer other fellows:

Sally can offer female sports coaching (various sports), sports teams/club initiation and registrations, mentoring for teen girls, and physical education and health.

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Personal Instagram: @trainersally