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Safiya Omotosho

2020 Fellow

Founder & CEO, Soltosh Nigeria Limited

Safiya Omotosho
Abuja, Nigeria

About Safiya

Safiya is the Founder and CEO of Soltosh Nigeria Limited, which promotes healthy living through the creation of delicious, highly nutritious food and beverages. Soltosh Nigeria Limited utilizes local ingredients in the manufacture of their products, which include Hibiscus Tea (Zobo), Tigernut Milk and a range of juices including Baobab, Ginger, Lemon, Tamarind and Soursop. Safiya is addressing the harmful health impacts of high amounts of sugar or artificially sweetened drinks while providing customers with delicious beverage options by using dates to naturally sweeten her products. Soltosh Nigeria Limited is driven to create healthier communities without sacrificing taste and has become a popular option at celebratory events including weddings, parties, baby showers, bridal showers and corporate events. In addition to her work with Soltosh, Safiya is also a Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni, Enterprise Development Centre Alumni, has participated in the African Women Entrepreneurship Program, and is a member of the SheTrades network. She holds a certificate in Entrepreneurship Enterprise Development Center from the Pan Atlantic University and a Certificate in Bartending and Mixology from the American Bartender School in New York. Safiya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and is currently earning her Masters in Business Administration.


What Safiya hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Safiya is looking forward to being a part of the VV GROW Fellowship network and using the skills she gains from the program to catalyze her business’s growth. She is also hoping to learn from her peers in the program about how to propel her business to the next level, gain insights on changing customer tastes, sourcing of raw materials and production equipment. She is also hoping to learn from other fellows in the areas about how to include more women in the value chain, how to reduce emissions in the production cycle and how to build in recycling into production processes.

What Safiya can offer other fellows:

Safiya can offer to share her knowledge, connections, networks and skills with other fellows.

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