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Sabrina Cabral Souza

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

Sabrina Cabral Souza_pic#2

Sabrina is an educator and socio-environmental activist, dedicated to the empowerment of Northeast Brazil. She created the blog @sanydapeste, when she started her engineering degree at the Federal University of Ceará, introducing her audience to sustainable leadership and well-being with her “activist gossip.” Sabrina received national awards for her work and has partnered with organizations such as Impacta Nordeste and Co.liga (Roberto Marinho Foundation and OEI). Moreover, she is currently head of Climate Change of UNICEF Brazil’s #tmjUNICEF program and member of the UNICEF LAC Youth Leadership Network. 

Sabrina created Ruma to empower others to combat xenophobia and climate change in her region. Ruma works to make international agendas and social impact markets accessible to young women and LGBTQIA+ peoples from vulnerable territories. The initiative has already placed 40 leaders from Brazil’s peripheries, settlements and indigenous communities in social businesses, public sectors, UN consultancies and international programs. With the support of Fortaleza’s public policies aimed at youth (in cooperation with the IDB and the Creative Cities Network – UNESCO), young women have stood out in the UN.