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Sabine El Kahi

2020 Fellow

Founder & Managing Director, The Makers Hub

Sabine El Kahi
Beirut, Lebanon

About Sabine

Sabine is the Founder and Managing Director of The Makers Hub (TMH), a makerspace hub located in Beirut, Lebanon. TMH offers educational services to businesses and individuals. TMH provides consulting services to schools, helping them to establish and set up makerspaces and licensing their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program to schools, which is then integrated into their curriculum. TMH further supports the establishment of TMH afterschool clubs in schools that they work with. Through TMH, Sabine aims to establish a community of young makers from different economic and social backgrounds to come up with creative tech solutions for our daily challenges and well-being. TMH equips youth from ages 7 to 18 years with skills and competencies that enable them to use technology as a tool to develop their own innovative ideas into real, tangible prototypes and products. Through programs and hands-on applications, youth get to learn about manual and digital fabrication, 3D design and printing, electronics, programming microcontrollers, and woodworking. Sabine has established makerspaces in areas where educational experiences are limited, such as a Palestinian refugee camp and in the conflict area in North of Lebanon, South of Lebanon and has her own center in Beirut. TMH has worked with more than 2,000 youth including students with disabilities and those who have dropped out of school. Besides working on her business, Sabine is also a lab instructor at Université Saint Joseph, School of Engineering and serves on the research committee of “makerspaces in schools” at the Center of Educational Research and Development as part of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Sabine was a 2017 finalist of MIT Enterprise Forum-Pan Arab Competition and is an alumna of AMIDEAST Lebanon and TechWomen and a member of the Lebanese League for Women in Business. Sabine was formerly a professional soccer player and played for Lebanon’s national team. She holds a Bachelors in Electromechanical Engineering from Univeristé Saint Joseph and received a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Vision from the American University of Beirut.


What Sabine hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Sabine hopes to improve her financial management skills and learn about business operations in an unstable environment. She also hopes to expand her international network with clients and partners in the EdTech industry.

What Sabine can offer other fellows:

Sabine can share her experience as a woman entrepreneur in the EdTech industry and provide network connections for other fellows looking to expand in Lebanon. Her areas of expertise include mechanical and electrical engineering, coding for microcontrollers, supply chain management, and planning events and workshops.

Connect with Sabine on Social Media:


Instagram (business): @tmhchannels

LinkedIn (personal):

Twitter (business): @kaisabine