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Säbeen Fatima Haque

2019 Fellow

Co-Founder & Managing Director, doctHERs

Sabeen Fatima Haque
Karachi, Pakistan

About Säbeen:

S√§been is the Co-Founder and CEO of doctHERs, a digital healthcare platform connecting female doctors to community members. doctHERs equips and trains nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers and deploys them in corporate offices, clinics and villages where they deliver patient education, promote disease awareness and connect patients to remotely located female doctors via assisted video-consultation/telemedicine. The health care workers are also trained to perform sophisticated diagnostic procedures under the guidance and supervision of female doctors. Not only does doctHERs provide healthcare services to consumers – mostly women – who do not have access to quality health care, but they are also helping women doctHERs break down barriers to employment through the use of technology. doctHERs utilizes Artificial Intelligence in their 2.0 clinics, technology that can predict diseases before they happen and contribute to preventative measures around the country. S√§been has experience with business design and strategic collaboration, and has participated in the World Economic Forum- Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship in addition to being a member of the U.S. Pakistani Women’s Council.


What Säbeen hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Säbeen hopes to increase her confidence throughout the fellowship.


What Säbeen can offer other fellows:

Säbeen can offer her experience pivoting and diversifying a business model, a female approach to launching and running a business, the personal power of intuition and being unapologetically and authentically herself.


Connect with Säbeen on Social Media:


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Twitter: @doctHERs