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Säbeen Fatima Haque

2019 Fellow

Co-Founder and Executive Director, doctHERs

Sabeen Fatima Haque
Karachi, Pakistan

About Säbeen:

Säbeen is a Corporate Escape Artist turned social entrepreneur. After leaving a career in online learning and a senior position with Thomson in 2007, she arrived at the intersection of women + entrepreneurship. She went on to lead business incubators across North America with Ladies Who Launch.

In 2011, Säbeen moved to Pakistan and consulted for private and development sectors. She was the Country-Director for Ashoka and Advisor to the US-Pakistani Women’s Council. In 2014, she launched a boutique women-centric consulting company that managed projects such as the World Bank pilot, womenX, which accelerated 250+ women-led businesses.

Säbeen is the brainchild and angel behind doctHERs, a healthtech start-up that reintegrates female healthcare providers into an agile, gender-inclusive workforce and promotes health equity using mobile health and telemedicine. In 2017, as the company pivoted, Säbeen stepped into an operational role. In her first 100 days, she led the company to impact 22K lives and by 2020 doctHERs had been inducted into the Million Lives Collective. Säbeen is passionate about gender equity in healthcare and the workforce, social innovation and coordinated care for the elderly.

Säbeen is a 2023 Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019 Vital Voices Fellow and Social Entrepreneur-In-Residence at INSEAD. She’s an alumna of INSEAD and Harvard Kennedy School. She’s participated in events such as the World Economic Forum, Women in the World Summit, ForbesWomen, President Obama’s Inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and the Women’s Forum.


What Säbeen hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Säbeen hopes to increase her confidence throughout the fellowship.


What Säbeen can offer other fellows:

Säbeen can offer her experience pivoting and diversifying a business model, a female approach to launching and running a business, the personal power of intuition and being unapologetically and authentically herself.


Connect with Säbeen on Social Media:


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Twitter: @doctHERs