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Saana Azzam

2020 Fellow

General Manager, MENA Speakers

Saana Azzam
Fajairah, United Arab Emirates

About Saana

Saana is the General Manager of MENA Speakers, the leading speaker and MC bureau in the Middle East. MENA Speakers connects speakers with organizations and forums and serves the needs of organizers by matching speakers with their audiences. MENA Speakers also organizes tailored workshops and events for individuals interested in professional development and growing and sharpening their skills. They aim to connect qualified and experienced speakers who can empower, educate and inspire their audiences. – They promote diversity and work with speakers from different ethnicities and countries from all over the world including Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Saana holds an International Baccalaureate from Atlantic College in Wales, a Leadership Communication and Communications certificate from the Harvard Extension School and a Masters in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. She is an expert in sales and public speaking.

What Saana hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Saana would like to work on moving to the next phase of the business and is interested in learning what type of fundraising is the right fit for her business and how to fundraise. She hopes to connect with her peers from all over the world and find speakers to add to MENA Speakers’ portfolio. She is looking forward to learning from others and is certain that everyone has something to teach her.

What Saana can offer other fellows:

Saana can provide a platform for fellows to register themselves as speakers and can help with presentation skills. She would be delighted to share her expertise in networking, public speaking, and giving and receiving feedback.

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Instagram (business): @knowhomarket

Instagram (personal): @saanaazzam

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Twitter (business): @menaspeakers