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Roxana Mînzatu

2022 Fellow

Secretary of State

ROXANA MINZATU 2019 06 20 18 21 19

A former Minister and Member of Parliament in Romania, Roxana Mînzatu currently serves as Secretary of State, working directly with the Prime Minister on optimizing and integrating public investment programs with the aim to accelerate development in key sectors lagging behind, such as water and waste water infrastructure or digitalization.

As MP she passed economic and social legislation: support schemes for Romanian start-ups, fair access to education for vulnerable children, support for digital education, women’s rights in the workplace, fighting domestic violence, better adoption procedures.

Roxana blends grassroot professional experiences, such as running a local non-profit business school or her own startup with high-profile public positions such as being the coordinator of the Romanian public procurement reform strategy, a pilot exercise jointly done by the European Commission and the Romanian Government in 2015.

Roxana is a politician passionate to connect people and organisations in order to transcend differences and work towards common goals. She also believes in the power of adaptive leadership, enhanced by technology and the new media, which equips communities with four key tools to generate positive change: clarity about problems and needs, understanding resources and biases, engaging all members in solution-building and enabling the community to learn from its experiences.