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Ronah Kyokunda

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

ronah 1.jpg

Focus Areas

Communications & PR
Economic Empowerment
Women Entrepreneurship

Ronah Kyokunda is the Head of Communications and Marketing at Muyi Group, a company whose purpose is to build and scale African organizations to achieve world-class resilience. Ronah is managing the Business Development and Social Impact Initiative at Muyi, which identifies and supports women-led organizations across Africa to grow them through branding, communication, and funding. It targets high-impact small-scale organizations that are driving change within their own communities. She believes that home-grown solutions to Africa’s problems drive a bigger impact among communities.

Ronah has worked in industries like Philanthropy, Telecommunication, Tourism, and Trade with both grassroots and international organizations as well as governments in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa. She has worked with brands like Meta, Graca Machel Trust, Tanzania Ports Authority, and Vodafone. She holds a Bachelor in Logistics Management from Kyambogo University.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to build global African brands.”