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Rika Agusmelda

2020 Fellow

Managing Director, PT Cakrawala Muda Mandiri (CMM Translation)

Rika Agusmelda
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

About Rika

Rika is the Managing Director of PT Cakrawala Muda Mandiri (CMM Translation), a language service provider offering translation, interpretation, copy writing, transcreation and localization business services to cater to the country’s growing market and investment opportunities in Indonesia and the South Asian region. CMM Translation’s customers include government, international and local NGOs/CSOs, the UN, the private sector and individuals. The company offers a network of freelance workers based all over the country and region, enabling translators to work remotely and providing job opportunities for graduates looking for hands-on experience in the interpretation and translation business. CMM Translation is striving to provide an empowering and accessible network of language-related professionals Rika holds a Bachelors in English Education and has expertise in personal management, marketing and personal finance/accounting, business management, strategic planning, finance and accounting, marketing from her experience working as a freelance interpreter and operating her own business.

What Rika hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Rika hopes to learn new skills in strategic planning and business management. She is looking forward to networking with her peers in the program and learning about their businesses. Rika wants to expand her visibility as an entrepreneur and learn about the experience of other participants in expanding their particular business and different sectors. She wants to inspire fellow women business owners in Indonesia so they can contribute to the economic growth of their country.

What Rika can offer other fellows:

Since Rika has worked as an interpreter and has worked in many sectors, she can offer her knowledge of business in Indonesia and help others to expand their business there.

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Instagram (business): @cmmtranslation

Instagram (personal): @rikapriwibowo

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