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Renata Koch Alvarenga

2021 Fellow

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Renata Koch Alvarenga is a youth gender and climate justice advocate from Brazil, and starting this fall, she will be attending Harvard Kennedy School or Columbia University for her Master’s of Public Policy. She is the Founder and Director of EmpoderaClima, an educational initiative about gender equality and climate action focused on youth in the Global South. EmpoderaClima produces exclusive content in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, and engages in multiple advocacy platforms, such as the UN Girls’ Education Initiative, in which Renata co-leads the Education for Gender and Climate Justice collective and is a Guiding Group Member of Transform Education, hosted by the UN. / Renata has presented her work in 8 countries and spoken at global conferences such as COP25, CSW 65 and the MIT Climate Conference. She is currently involved in many global initiatives, including the Youth Constituency of the UN Climate Change Convention, where she serves as Co-Lead of the Gender group, and UN Women, where she is a National Gender Youth Activist representing Brazil. Renata is also the G(irls)20 Ambassador to Brazil and works with politics and diplomacy in Rio de Janeiro. When she’s not delivering power statements at international conferences, Renata loves watching musicals and riding her bike by the beach.

Renata was selected as a participant in the 2021 Voces Que Inspiran.