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Rehmah Kasule

2017 Fellow


“Your background does not determine your future, it’s up to you to design your destiny. The bottom line is, wherever you are in your life, only you can change it. And your life can only change if you change your thinking, vision and, most especially, the actions you take.”

Rehmah Kasule is determined to close the gender gap in African women’s leadership. She ran her own marketing agency in Uganda before starting CEDA International, an NGO that’s raising up the next generation of women leaders. Rehmah designs youth development programs that equip young women with the tools they need to become entrepreneurs and political representatives.

She’s incredibly passionate about mentoring and organizes Mentoring Walks throughout Uganda every year. Rehmah ultimately wants to introduce leadership and entrepreneurship development into the curriculum of every public school in Uganda. She’s busy collaborating with a national network to bring her ambitious goal to life.