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Rashmi Tiwari

2017 Fellow

Vital Voices Mumbai Mentoring

“It’s hard to convince India’s 600 million women to expect greater freedom and empowerment unless they see examples of it – which is why mentorship is such a powerful tool to address India’s gender disparity.”


Rashmi Tiwari is transforming India’s tribal communities by empowering at-risk girls. She gave up a career in the corporate sector to start the Aahan Tribal Development Foundation. Since she was a girl, Rashmi’s been challenging society’s expectations. She wanted to provide a support structure for rural girls who dare to do the same – so her NGO was born.


Through Aahan, she gives girls the tools they need to become educated, financially independent leaders in their communities. Rashmi chose to work in a region that’s targeted by armed militants and human traffickers, and known as a major source for housemaids to big cities. So far, she’s reached more than 5,000 girls in over 50 cities. Rashmi is now hard at work expanding her programs and finding innovative ways to support India’s tribal girls.