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Rashi Soni

2023 Fellow

Founder, Rudhvay

Ahmedabad, India

Rashi Soni is the visionary founder behind Rudhvay – The Artisans’ Story. Her academic journey began at Mumbai University, India, where she pursued her undergraduate studies in psychology. Following this, Rashi embarked on a transformative path, attaining a master’s degree in human resource management from the prestigious University of Westminster in London.

Rudhvay emerged as a COVID-19 lockdown initiative, born from the realization that while women artisans are trained, a critical missing piece was a robust market platform to showcase their remarkable artistry. Hence, Rudhvay was conceived.

The Rudhvay journey epitomizes an impassioned mission: to elevate India’s immensely skilled artisans, one state at a time. Central to their unwavering commitment is the marriage of design and development, empowering artisans to channel their craftsmanship into distinctive, bespoke apparel and lifestyle products that resonate with the younger generation.

Rashi’s driving force has always been to kindle an appreciation for the rich heritage of these artisans. She aspires to inspire individuals to conscientiously shift away from the world of fleeting fashion and embrace their artisans’ legacy in their daily lives. All the exquisite products they create find a home on their e-commerce platforms, Rudhvay’s retail outlet at Ahmedabad airport, and various B2B channels.