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Patricia Zanella

2022 Fellow

Cofounder and Marketing Director

Profile 2

Patricia Zanella is a Brazilian researcher, an environmental activist member of Limpa Brasil ( Clean Up Brasil ), a young politician a member of the REDE Sustentabilidade (Sustainability Network) Political Party since 2016, and a social entrepreneur co-founder of EcoCiclo, an initiative aimed at promoting women’s reproductive justice, including increasing the accessibility of sanitary pads to women in marginalized communities.

As a women’s rights advocate and proponent for social justice and sustainability, at the age of 22, Patricia ran for congress and received almost 10,000 votes. Using online tools and low-cost strategies to mobilize support for her platform, Patricia hopes to use her experience to encourage more young women to run for office.

Patricia’s work as an activist focuses on changing the young women’s political participation and the barriers to their political leadership in Latin America. She is a Fellow of the Hurford Youth Fellowship’21 of the World Movement for Democracy. She holds a master’s in International Law.