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Patricia Corazon Lim

2023 Fellow

CEO, Wovencrafts Inc.


Woven is a compassionate crafts company that works with Filipino artisans to create products for the modern lifestyle. As a social enterprise that aims to uplift the lives of craftspeople in the Philippines, it creates products that bring value to their work, their lives, and cultural traditions.

Trish Lim Francia is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Woven. She was editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Network Global before becoming a full-time social entrepreneur. She also does research work for NGOs, writing case studies on enterprises, foundations, and academic institutions.

Trish completed her master’s in Social Enterprise Development at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. With her experience in leading Woven, she was invited to co-author a guidebook on social entrepreneurship entitled How to Manage a Business that Does Good, published by the Filipino non-profit Bayan Academy in 2021.