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Paola Olguín De Jesús

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

Paola Olguín De Jesús_pic (1)

Paola (Pao) is a passionate and committed professional with a solid background in the field of social and community development. Throughout her career, she has played key roles in leading organizations, leaving a significant footprint in the field of community development. For example, Pao has worked for a long time at TECHO’s Mexico City office currently as Territorial Coordinator and previously as an Economic and Social Development Coordinator. At TECHO she has led the implementation of economic, social, and habitat development programs and projects, in addition to following up with community teams to ensure the execution of TECHO’s work model. 

In addition to her work experience, Pao has a solid academic background. She successfully completed high school and holds degrees as an Assistant Technician in Teaching English and Assistant Technician in Nutrition. With an innate passion for social development and an outstanding track record in leadership and project management, Pao continues to make a significant mark in the field of community development, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the positive transformation of communities.