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Pamela Matamoros

2020 Fellow

Founder & Director, Eduktiva

Pamela Matamoros
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

About Pamela

Pamela is the Founder and Director of Eduktiva, a psychoeducational center that promotes educational inclusion by providing support to children with learning difficulties. At Eduktiva, they firmly believe in the power of education and sustain that all children can learn, not in the same way or at the same time but if we support them with the right tools, all children can thrive. Eduktiva provides assessments and interventions to create a personalized learning plan tailored to a child’s needs. They work in early intervention with children from age 1 and offer support up to high school level. Eduktiva’s team of psychologists collaborate with parents and teachers to create the best plan with proven strategies that promote solutions to academic struggles. They offer workshops, school consultations, and teacher and parent trainings. The efforts of the work that Pamela and Edukativa do are meant to have a positive impact in children’s’ lives and help them to build self-confidence. Pamela does this work because she is impacting children’s well-being and contributing to their future. Her company is currently trying to create a volunteer program to offer their services to the public sector. Pamela holds a Bachelors in Psychology from the Universidad Católica in Honduras, a Masters in Learning Disabilities from Isep/ VIC University, and a Speech and Language Intervention Certificate from Universidad de Alcalá.

What Pamela hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Pamela wants to make an impact through education and change her country. She envisions expanding her business and attracting volunteers to change the education system in Honduras. She is looking forward to growing as a business owner and leader and hopes to connect with others that are passionate about education and who might resonate with the importance of inclusion.

What Pamela can offer other fellows:

Pamela wants to share her passion for inclusion, share my experience owning and maintaining a business in the field of education in developing countries.

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