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Pakinam Moustafa Ismail Ibrahim

2023 Fellow

Founder, Paky Art House for Handmade Work

Cairo, Egypt

Pakinam Moustafa’s mission is to foster sustainable development and environmental conservation by focusing on the handicraft sector while promoting economic empowerment and cultural preservation. Her business, Paky Art House, creates high-end glass work for the hospitality industry, with 25 years of experience and clients worldwide.

With a background in social entrepreneurship and a deep commitment to women’s empowerment, Pakinam has previously served as a volunteer in Women’s Empowerment Programs at Artisans, where she successfully implemented initiatives that improved the livelihoods of countless women artisans. Her tireless efforts to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and global markets have garnered her recognition as a leader for women’s economic empowerment.

Pakinam’s focus on social entrepreneurship at a leading institution has received accolades such as the EmpowerHER Excellence Award for her outstanding work in empowering women through the handicraft industry. She continues to drive her mission forward, ensuring that women artisans not only preserve their cultural heritage but also thrive economically in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.