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Ornella Nsoki

2017 Fellow

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

NZOLANI Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ornella Nsoki runs a youth development non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting access to quality education for children and youth living in rural communities in the DRC. She is highly involved in topics related to curriculum development, ICT in education, youth civic education and girls’ empowerment. Ornella is passionate about participatory development, project-based learning, and the use of practical and innovative techniques in teaching, to boost student learning outcomes and thus empower communities. Through her projects, she promotes collaborative work aimed at finding solutions to problems related to the quality and relevance of the Congolese national education curriculum in the evolving 21st Century job market and challenges. She is also the country coordinator for a World Bank ICT pilot project aimed at creating effective channels for feedback, accountability, and redress among educational service providers, as well as between the service providers and population at large to improve public schools’ governance.