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Oluwatoyin Adubuola

2021 Fellow

Founder and CEO, Dumot Renewable Green Technology

VVGrow Fellow 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

Focus Areas

Climate Action

Oluwatoyin is the Founder and CEO of Dumot Renewable Green Technology, an energy company that provides clean renewable solar energy services in Lagos, Nigeria. Dumot Renewable Green Technology provides solar installation, lifetime technology maintenance, 24/7 customer support, and solar consultation. As a company, they are dedicated to combatting the use of fossil fuels and protecting the planet by promoting renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels at an affordable price. Oluwatoyin recognizes that solar power is emerging as a power supply technology and is committed to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the country. She is passionate about helping small and medium-sized enterprises stay in business and save money by replacing costly generators with affordable solar energy systems; solving the problem of unstable power supply in Nigeria which leads many businesses to close down and is a major source of unemployment, poverty, crime, and hardship in the country. Oluwatoyin aspires to contribute to the social and environmental development of Nigeria by improving access to modern, reliable, clean and affordable electricity, especially to those living in rural areas, by providing basic necessities such as light, water and energy. Dumot Renewable Green Technology hopes to bring more women onboard to train as the company grows and wants to empower them to help their communities. Oluwatoyin believes that renewable energy is the key for many rural communities to overcome challenges they face due to unstable and inconsistent access to power. She is currently working on building an affordable solar system to make renewable solar energy more affordable and accessible. Oluwatoyin formerly worked as a Banker for Fidelity Bank PLC and as a Consultant at LandWey Investment Limited. Her expertise is in project management, business analysis, and marketing.

What Oluwatoyin hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Oluwatoyin hopes to gain more support in her efforts to make solar energy more accessible and affordable to rural communities. She also hopes to find new mentors and role models while strengthening her network to women business leaders all over the world.

What Oluwatoyin can offer other fellows:

Oluwatoyin can offer other fellows her skills in effective communication, motivation, and team problem solving.

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