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Olivia Storz

2023 Fellow

Co-Founder, Survivor Fund

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United States

Focus Areas

Gender-Based Violence

Olivia Storz is a researcher, policy analyst, and program strategist focused on expanding meaningful, joyful choices. Her research and advocacy examine how gendered inequality and violence shape social, political, and economic opportunity. Storz is the Co-Founder of the Survivor Fund, an innovative organization dedicated to providing financial care to student survivors of gender-based violence and harassment. This work centers on tangibly supporting survivor joy and resilience while raising awareness about the unjust and significant costs of gendered violence.

Storz is also a program specialist at Futures Without Violence, working at intersections of socio-economic policy, inequalities, prevention education, and gendered violence. Throughout her career, Storz has acquired multidisciplinary experience in a wide variety of contexts, including reproductive health in rural Peru, social policy implementation in Argentina, sexual violence prevention in the UK, and equal pay advocacy in the US Congress. Storz received her B.A. from the University of Denver, alongside the University Pioneer Award. She also received her M.Sc. with Distinction from the London School of Economics. Storz is an alumnus of several programs, such as the New Leaders Council, the Planned Parenthood Developing Leaders Program, and the Peace Corps. She loves pickled vegetables and the acknowledgments section of books.