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Ola Shami Nasr

2023 Fellow

Owner, Qasaed Jewelry

Damour, Lebanon

Ola Shami Nasir is the founder and owner of Qasaed Jewelry. Qasaed is the Arabic word for poems, and the company’s core mission is to infuse the captivating art of Arabic calligraphy into handmade jewelry, creating wearable masterpieces that eloquently narrate stories and emotions. Through this fusion, Qasaed aspires to bridge cultures, celebrate individuality, and offer a unique avenue for self-expression.

Ola holds a master’s degree in mathematics and philosophy. She has taught at a university for more than ten years and recently left the education sector to focus on Qasaed Jewelry. She is also a poet, and her poetry book was awarded the 3rd best-selling poetry book at the Beirut Arab Book Fair in 2014.

In 2018, Ola served as a keynote speaker at the Networking Achieve Revolt event, championing the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset among women. In 2023, she took on the pivotal role of a jury member for the Noun Da’am initiative, advocating for women aged 35 to 55 aiming to re-enter the workforce post-education. Ola’s ongoing commitment continues with her current role as a mentor in the Generation of Innovation Leaders program, where she passionately guides a 20-year-old aspiring entrepreneur, fostering her vision and equipping her with the tools for success.