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Oghenetejiri Emuveyan

2019 Fellow

CEO, Legulp Enterprises

Ogun State, Nigeria

About Oghenetejiri:

Oghenetejiri is the CEO of Legulp Enterprises, a company helping create an environment where every Nigerian has clean drinking water. Oghenetejiri’s business addresses the issue that many Nigerians cannot afford clean drinking water directly by providing inexpensive alternatives to ensure access to water. Legulp Enterprises also works to address environmental pollution by reducing water waste and using more environmentally friendly production methods. The Legulp Water Banks are Eco-friendly, solar-powered water dispensing machines. These machines provide clean and safe drinking water to people on a 24/7 basis and are solar-powered with minimal upkeep required. The machine can either be connected to an existing water network or can be installed to generate its own water from the ground with the use of solar driven pumps. To ensure any issues are addressed directly, there is a designated Operator at each Water Bank site to assist customers. Presently, Legulp Enterprises has two units of our Legulp Water Bank in Ota Ogun state that dispenses 1,000 liters of safe drinking water daily. The clean drinking water is dispensed in 2, 5, and 19 liter refillable jars. Tejiri has experience in water treatment, waste water recycling, ground water management and business development. She has a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from the Enterprise Development Center from the Pan Atlantic University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering- from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

What Oghenetejiri hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Oghenetejiri hopes to improve her knowledge of leadership and learn new skills in financial management and marketing. Additionally, she hopes to learn about how fellows run their businesses in other parts of the world, and how they can collaborate globally.

What Oghenetejiri can offer other fellows:

Oghenetejiri can offer her experience in many different areas of business to other fellows. She also would open up her network to other fellows. She hopes others can learn from her strengths and weaknesses.


Connect with Oghenetejiri on Social Media:



Instagram: @legulp